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Teaching Artists

        To contact one of our Teaching Artists, please email Chief Creative Director Meredith Schilsky at: meredith@thewarehouseprojectgallery.org

Gerry Reyes is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Teaching Drama for Your Mama, an introduction to drama and improvisation, Gerry is the first student to graduate from TWPG programming and run his own program. Gerry is a sought after teacher not only because of his teaching ability, but also because of his commitment to allowing his students to explore personal identities and how those multiple identities affect their lives. Gerry is also in school at Governors State University pursuing a degree in theatre education. Gerry is also a Speaker with the Speaking Series.

Bonny Brown is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Assisting with Drama for Your Mama and beginning to teach Spoken Word, Bonny has a strong desire to help youth explore their personal experiences and how these experiences affect their lives. Bonny is also a strong leader in Living Out Loud and can be seen working with participants as they develop their personal stories and use those stories to motivate action that dismantles systems and confronts oppression. When she isn't at The Warehouse, Bonny is pursuing her paramedics certification and serving your burrito bowl at Chipotle.

Zaya Jones is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Assisting with The Gallery, a visual arts program, and working as our lead artist on a few community projects, Zaya demonstrates her talents and teaches young people artistic techniques and about the value of taking pride in their communities. Additionally, Zaya is also a tremendous face painter and is available for hire for birthdays and other special occasions!

David Hernandez
 is a Teaching Artist as The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Specializing in Spoken Word writing and performance, David is the creative behind the spoken word curriculum taught at The Warehouse. Over the past four years, David has produced 3 albums, competed with speech team and stared in the school musical. In August, David will begin school at the University of Illinois at Chicago pursuing a degree in theatre.

Nina Angelillo is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Nina is the lead Teacher for The Gallery and uses not only her talent, but formal art training, to lead a variety of artistic projects at The Warehouse. Working as a teacher during the day, Nina brings a unique skill set to programming and has been an essential part of the creation and recording of lesson plans. Nina also has a passion for music and can be seen at concerts of all kinds across the City of Chicago!

Melina Hernandez Jimenez is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. A gifted performer, Melina is spearheading a new initiative and is the leader for our Girls Empowerment Circle. Coupling her love of performance with a desire to positively influence young women, Melina is using these skills to inspire participants to take control of their lives and live out loud. A dreamer herself, Melina uses her story and the stories of others, to build community and create change. A recent graduate of Governor's State University with a Teaching Degree, Melina will soon take her talents into the classroom as well!

Erika Escobedo is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Having just completed an internship with TWPG, Erika quickly decided to stay involved and joined Melina in facilitating our Girls Empowerment Circle. With a degree in Social Work and a passion to inspire young women to live positive, productive lives, Erika could not be a better fit! A shy performer, Erika is also working to demonstrate to young people that the first step in using art to create change is stepping on stage!

Brandon Kimble is a Teaching Artist with The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Joining Melina in a new effort, Brandon is spearheading our Boys Empowerment Circle. Hoping to inspire the next generation of young men to live fully, purposefully and artistically, Brandon brings with him a wealth of talent both as an actor and facilitator. Brandon uses his own story to connect with young men and provides them a judgement free space to express themselves in a variety of ways.

Joining Brandon in this effort is Giovanni Allen. Another tremendously talented performer, Giovanni brings his skills as an actor, dancer and facilitator as a Teaching Artist. Determined to allow young men a brave space to be themselves, Giovanni is using his own desire to Live Out Loud as a way to bring youth of all walks of life together to manage their own lives and create community change.

Abigail Pinon is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Specializing in improv and facilitation, Abi hosts special programming and workshops at The Warehouse. With a performance background that includes credits with Playbuild at The Goodman Theatre, Second City, The Chicago School of Professional Improvisation at Comedy Sportz and as a regular performer at iO Theatre, Abi brings her vast performance knowledge, stage presence, and passion to everything she does. Going into her Sophomore year at University of Illinois at Chicago, Abi is on the way to making a tremendous name for herself both at the University and on the Chicago Theatre Scene.