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Teaching Artists

        To contact one of our Teaching Artists, please email Chief Creative Director Meredith Schilsky at: meredith@thewarehouseprojectgallery.org

Gerry Reyes is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Teaching Drama for Your Mama, an introduction to drama and improvisation, Gerry is the first student to graduate from TWPG programming and run his own program. Gerry is a sought after teacher not only because of his teaching ability, but also because of his commitment to allowing his students to explore personal identities and how those multiple identities affect their lives. Gerry is also in school at Governors State University pursuing a degree in theatre education. Gerry is also a Speaker with the Speaking Series.

Zaya Jones is a Teaching Artist at The Warehouse Project & Gallery. Assisting with The Gallery, a visual arts program, and working as our lead artist on a few community projects, Zaya demonstrates her talents and teaches young people artistic techniques and about the value of taking pride in their communities. Additionally, Zaya is also a tremendous face painter and is available for hire for birthdays and other special occasions!

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Teaching Artists