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        Drama for Your Mama introduces youth to theatre basics.  Using improvisation techniques, vocal exercises, games and social justice theatre activities, participants use theatre to build confidence and self-esteem, explore their role in issues they are concerned about and create action plans to manage these issues on stage and in the real world.  

        Living Out Loud is a traveling performance group that talks to audiences about a variety of issues.  Using theatre and social justice activities, facilitation techniques and artistic activism, LOL cast members involve audiences in the exploration and change making process that allows them to practice on stage for real life situations they may encounter.  Living Out Loud also participates in national conferences and prepares presentations for the corporate setting. Presentation topics include but are not limited to: bullying/aggression; boundaries/healthy relationships; trauma/call for action; diversity/prejudice reduction; self-harm/suicide and systems change.  Want more information on Living Out Loud, check out their exclusive Facebook page!

      Promoters is the business and justice side of art.  Participants learn how to promote, market and host events for the creative youth in The Warehouse.  Promoters also spearheads community change efforts by engaging the neighborhood with the intention of creating positive social change.  Coming Soon!

        SLAM is a spoken work/slam poetry program.  This program teaches young people to care about the world and create change by writing and performing poetry.  Check out their work on Youtube!

        The Gallery is a visual arts program designed to teach young people how to use art to beautify their community and create safer, more viable neighborhoods.

        The Speaker Series allows youth to inspire audiences with their personal stories.  Reminder audiences to Live Life Out Loud by sharing their own journeys of living for yourself, creating your own opportunities and embracing who you are and where you come from.  To learn more about our Speakers, click here.