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FreeSpeak works with youth who are interested in learning more about community issues such as violence or the housing crisis.  This program teaches youth how to collect stories from others in a brave, bold and creative way. Youth use different techniques to ensure that stories are collected in truest form possible.  These stories are used to inspire creative pieces designed to create and inspire change. Youth also take time to develop their personal stories to share with audiences in an attempt to motivate others to creatively pursue positive social change.    

Fiestas Del Sol are the many opportunities that TWP&G has to reach out to the community.  Whether this is providing youth face painters with professional training, youth photographers building their portfolios, presenting on the ART of Science or working with other community organizations to provide artistic experiences through special events, TWP&G is dedicated to bringing art of all forms to life.  

Living Out Loud use dance, theatre, music and facilitation techniques to engage audiences in conversation about diversity, equality, privilege, and respect.  The cast develops performances for all ages and employs a variety of artistic techniques to entertain and educate.  

Overtime/Drama For Your Mama is a creative drop in program where young people learn theatre games and techniques designed to teach the art of improv and introduce youth to the stage. "Providing youth with a safe place to go allows them to connect and grow in ways you would never imagine!"-Parent of TWP&G Participant

SLAM  is a spoken work/slam poetry program.  Jr. High and High School youth practice writing and performing  all types of poetry, including spoken word and rap pieces.  This program allows youth to develop writing and performance skills while educating them on issues of social and neighborhood change.  TWP&G's SLAM team participates in Louder Than A Bomb, sponsored by Young Chicago Authors, which  is the largest youth poetry festival in the world.  

The Speaker Series is a program intended to help young people learn to speak motivationally to a variety of audiences regarding the challenges they have encountered so far in their lives.  This program also provides youth with college/career and personal goal setting to ensure that they continue to conquer new challenges that impact their lives in a positive way.  

The Gallery is wall space available at TWP&G's office space designed to show case visual art.  Artists also have the opportunity to paint on permission walls and develop murals and other visual art projects for the community.

Oscar Wilde

"No great artist sees things as  
  they really are. If he did, he
  would cease to be an artist."

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