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Bridget Ormins is a life-long Bedford Park resident.  Looking for ways to give back to her community after a stint on the local school board ended, Bridget joined The Warehouse Project & Gallery board just over 3 years ago.  Bridget leads our Parent Empowerment Circle and is active with students in the Promoters Program. A proud mom of three, Bridget spends much of her spare time supporting the efforts of the high school marching band and gold team.  ​

Sara Leone has been an educator in Summit School District 104 since 2005. During her tenure, she has held various positions including coach, committee member, and mentor to new staff. After witnessing the impact of The Warehouse first hand, Sara wanted to take a more active role to support the community agency, which has given so much to her students. When not supporting The Warehouse, Sara enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling with her husband, and reading. Sara is excited to sit on the board and assist The Warehouse as it continues to grow and evolve.

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Meredith Schilsky, LCSW is the founder of The Warehouse Project & Gallery.  Meredith has a passion for art of all kinds and enjoys performing and directing as well as being an audience member. Meredith is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in social justice, educational equity, social/emotional learning, relationship building and prejudice reduction and anti-bias education. Meredith uses theatre, spoken work poetry, music and a variety of other techniques to engage youth and adults in conversation and action about issues that impact both their personal and professional/community needs.  Meredith is a certified mediator with the Center for Conflict Resolution and authored professional development for Teaching Tolerance’s Anti-Bias Framework. In addition to her work at The Warehouse Project & Gallery, Meredith is an adjunct faculty member at Aurora University and works full-time as a School Social Worker.  Meredith is also the principal consultant at Project BUILD providing training's and workshops focused on social/emotional learning, equity and diversity and prejudice reduction. Meredith recently began pursuing a Master of Education at University of Illinois with a focus in Diversity and Equity.

Emily Bouchard has been involved with The Warehouse Project & Gallery since its inception.  She is excited to share her passion for special events and fundraising with an organization that has relevant ties to her hometown community.  On a professional level, she is a producer at agencyEA , working in the events and hospitality field, working in pre-production, on-site event management and post-production roles.  Outside of professional interests, she enjoys spending time traveling, trying new restaurants and exploring the City of Chicago, which she is proud to call home.

Edith Crawford is a Summit native and joined the Board of Directors two years ago.  Acting as our 5k-race director, Edith combines her passion for running with her passion for fundraising for her favorite non-profit, The Warehouse Project & Gallery.  Receiving her master degree in instructional design , Edith works for Southern Company Gas. She and her husband are proud parents of a baby girl.  

Marco Lopez is a Summit native and a co-founder of The Warehouse Project & Gallery.  Marco has a passion for working with young people, spending the last ten years couching students at the National Hispanic Institute.  In addition to his work at NHI, Marco has strong community ties having taught English classes at The Summit Library and participating in The Voice of Summit community meetings.  Marco works for Nicor Gas selling their free energy program. Marco enjoys the hands on work at The Warehouse and can often be seem making creative and artistic improvements to the space.

Nichole Massarello has been a member of The Warehouse Project & Gallery Board of Directors for the past two years.  Planning one of our biggest fundraisers and spearheading a new project to build a haunted house, Nichole is actively involved in ensuring the fiscal integrity of the agency.  Nichole is an Attorney, spending much of her time in court working with marginalized communities. She is a music fanatic and travels extensively to see her favorite bands in concert.  

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